Traveling – On to Sedona

Wind burned, we left the Grand Canyon bound for Sedona, Arizona that is in the Red Rock Canyon or Red Rock Pass depending on who you ask.  We stopped off at a nearby fast food eatery for lunch before moving on.  The women insisted that we take our parking pass, a 1-7 day pass, and give it to someone headed for the park.  They intercepted a lady with a baby in tow.  She was very happy to accept the $35 dollar park pass.  Hope we didn’t get her into trouble.

We had lunch and headed on down to Sedona.  Literally down because it is about a 3000 foot drop in elevation from the South Rim to Sedona.  Our first stop was at an overlook of the canyon.  The winding two lane blacktop was visible a couple thousand feet below.  There was also a Native American crafts market there, but they were packing up the drizzling rain having spoiled the day’s business.

This area is well known for the red rock formations and canyon walls.  Heading down toward town, we made several stops to view and photograph them.  The pine forested landscape is much the same as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon areas. Our friends tell us Sedona is an escape from the Phoenix area to some greenery and moderate temperatures.  The crowds inside town verified its popularity.

What you most hear about for Sedona is the sunsets.  In a clear sky, the sunset reflecting off the red rock formations can be spectacular.  With great seating for dinner on the open deck of a restaurant, we were ready for it.  Unfortunately, nature did not cooperate and a cloud formation spoiled our waited for sunset.  We enjoyed our Mexican food and a restful dinner at the end of our whirlwind trip.  There remained one more place to see before we left Sedona and headed back toward Phoenix.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Church built into the rocks.  It is a spectacular site, unfortunately closed for visits by the time we made it there.  We did get some pictures of one side with the sun setting.  A Church built on a rock is a fitting symbol of Christianity.  We managed to capture the setting sun on a couple more formations before heading toward Phoenix.

After a day of hanging out, attending Church services with our friends, and gorging ourselves (at least I did) at a seafood buffet we were back at the airport at 5AM Monday morning for the return home through Atlanta.  Altogether an excellent little vacation made better by the company of good friends.  And we got in and out of Atlanta on time.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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