Traveling – Road to Flagstaff

In Flagstaff, there was no particular thing we wanted to visit except for a decent restaurant and our hotel.  It was just our lay over spot for the next day’s adventure to the Grand Canyon.  Our friends, George and Chong Mi, laid out the trip for us and an overnight stay in Flagstaff was much less expensive than lodging at the Grand Canyon.  For George and me, we are accustomed to the thinking of Army wives and even now in retirement common sense and frugality typically apply.

If you’ve never tried it, snapping pictures from a speeding automobile can be a challenge, but we managed a couple of decent ones.  If you have driven in the American Southwest, you will find the scenery between Hoover Dam and Flagstaff, Arizona familiar.  Suzie-Q and I have turned right at Dallas and driven 700 miles to El Paso.  While there, we also drove around some and into New Mexico and to Carlsbad Caverns which is also a place worth seeing again.  If you are from the east, especially the rolling green hills of Wild and Wonderful the desert landscape can be captivating even when it appears inhospitable.   It has its own personality and beauty, but I do long for the green of Almost Heaven when I am in the area.

I heard a story once about a gentleman who arrived in Heaven on a Friday night.  As Saint Peter greeted him at the Pearly Gate, he noticed a group of people secured in a cage.  Astounded that he might encounter such a thing in Heaven, he asked Saint Peter what it was all about.  Saint Peter gave him a quizzical look as if he should know the answer and after a moment said, “Well brother, they’re West Virginians.  If we don’t lock them up on Friday night, they try to go home for the weekend.”

It was quite warm when we left Las Vegas and was still quite warm at Hoover Dam.  We were forewarned to expect cooler temperatures at Flagstaff and at the Grand Canyon.  We had our sweatshirts and jackets in the backpacks.  The elevation of Las Vegas is around 2000 feet.  In the Hoover Dam area elevation is around 1300 feet.  In Flagstaff, we topped out at around 7000 feet, and at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon were we spent most of the next day it ranged around 7000 with the highest point around 7400 feet.

If you are not accustomed to elevation, strenuous activity could cause you some problems and especially if you have any respiratory issues.  So rock steady on the canyon rim.  It was certainly cooler in Flagstaff than it was down in the desert lowlands and the visible snow capped mountains reinforced that.

It was a nice little road trip from the Dam to Flagstaff.  It led to a good dinner with good friends and a restful night.  For tomorrow, we are going to the Grand Canyon.  That’s worth a hooah!

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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