Truth in Sarcasm

Stop piddling around the edges with these statues and get some real attention.  It’s time to demand the Dallas Cowboys remove from their hats the star whose origin is quite possibly The Bonnie Blue, the original Confederate States flag.   I wager the average Dallas football player or fan does not know nor has ever thought about the possible origin of the symbol  on the Cowboy’s helmet.   While we are at it we must also demand that Texans change their Confederate linked state flag which remarkably resembles the Confederate bars and stars, which for the ignorant is not as easily identifiable as is the detested Confederate battle flag.  But let’s not stop there.  Besides Texas, former Confederate states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas also need to discard flags with symbolism linked to their Confederate heritage.  The Confederate states of Virginia and South Carolina also need to discard theirs.  Along with them, the slave holding Border States of Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri can trash their flags too.  In place of them all I suggest a white banner declaring White Supremacist State of ____.   After all, are we not demanding that the scourge of the Confederacy be removed from American history and forever hidden from those offended by our past rather than encouraged by the potential of our future?  Are we not also ready to label any disagreeable person or group as white supremacists?  Of course as history would have it the willfully ignorant often mislabel people from the past and present.  Although whether it is ignorance or stupidity is debatable.  It is not debatable however that ignorant people do and say stupid things. I do know that the 1836 Republic of Texas Flag preceded the Confederacy but keeping with current trends let’s ignore facts that do not fit the story line.

We can’t stop there though, can we?  There must also be a societal cleansing.  Every American must submit to DNA testing to determine any ancestral link, no matter how miniscule, to the Confederacy or a slave holding family.  We must also ferret out anyone sharing a surname with a Confederate General.  Then we can begin the purge starting of course with ESPN sportscasters.  Is that not the ultimate goal?  Eradication of any person, symbol or thought that does not jive with yours?  Is not your utopia supremacy of worldview without divergence of thought where history begins with you?  Before you begin, however, contemplate this from Pulitzer Prize Winner James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, (I am returning my copy to the fire proof vault because book burning can’t be too far off.) considered the most comprehensive one-volume account of the Civil War Era.  It may help you better select your targets as nothing, except the voting bloc, has changed over the years:

“Despite their marginality, the tiny number of black men who lived in the half-dozen northern states that allowed them to vote formed a solid Whig [Republican} bloc.  The Democratic Party’s professed egalitarianism was for whites only.  It’s commitment to slavery and racism was blatant in the North as well as the South, while Whigery grew in part from the same evangelical reformism that had generated the abolitionist movement.”

Well howdy, as we are prone to say over here in the hills.

There is another stop you need to make on your way to destruction of Confederate monuments, those honoring our founders and razing of the National Archives.  Stop fooling around the edges and just go for the big one.  Visit the former estate of Robert E. Lee.  Before the Civil War, it is the place he lived for 30 years.  Now we know it as Arlington National Cemetery.  There is a prominent structure sitting on the hill just above the Kennedy grave site.  It is visible from a distance.  For certain, you need to bulldoze it to the ground. It would make a spectacular fire for viewing from below.   It is Arlington House also known as the Custis-Lee mansion and the last time I visited it was full of Lee family artifacts.  It is also the Robert E. Lee Memorial (horrors) overlooking the national capital.  In case you are not up on your history, Robert E. Lee’s bride, Mary Lee was a step-granddaughter of George Washington.  Her father built the mansion intended as a monument honoring our first President.

There is much standing in the way of your quest for destruction including the American spirit of freedom so you better get after it.  Just keep in mind that there are many millions who are not going to stand by while you eradicate our nation’s history and attempt to destroy the foundation of our country.  Many of us gave solemn oaths swearing to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” And most of us sealed that with “So Help Me God.”  The oath does not have an expiration date.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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