We already have a God app…

Here’s a hint. It ain’t on your smart phone.

As we headed through the New River Gorge it was foggy and breaking daylight.
We were not able to see much of the fall colors. As the morning wore on and the blacktop passed beneath us at highway speeds, the sun began to burn through the fog. By the time we hit the state line, the view was spectacular. Mountains worth of red, gold, yellow and orange with evergreen smatterings exploded out of the landscape. Basking in the beautiful presentation of the kind only God makes was certainly enough to clear the mind of politics. The drive through the Shenandoah Valley is pleasant most any season. Within the confines of your automobile accompanied by the right music it has a definite calming touch.

I watched a television commercial for a telephone app that calms you during stressed filled times. It is actually named Calm.

“Calm is the leading app for meditation and sleep. Join the millions experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, and more restful sleep with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music. Recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts.” Google Play

The woman in the commercial said she felt amazing after using the app. Back in the day I had a few Hippie friends who, when not high on mind altering drugs, sang the praises of Transcendental Meditation. According to the TM web site, it provides “deep relief form stress and anxiety, clarity of mind, and a healthier heart.” The site’s testimonials declared it changes lives.

An article at the Daily Star suggests that artificial intelligence will be the end of God. God and praying to Jesus will become obsolete and humans will worship an artificial intelligence messiah. It was an unwavering declaration. God is obsolete. As my Mamma used to say, “I do declare, that young’un is going to bust hell wide open.” Mamma didn’t pull punches. Scanning the breadth of humanity filled with politicians, experts on everything from fishing worms to distant galaxies and those who read scripts well before television cameras, many of us already do. Worship artificial intelligence that is. I suppose next up is a God app. Android or Apple? Don’t invest in it.

I had to seek forgiveness several times driving around in Northern Virginia traffic. When the light changed, I was sitting in the right turn lane. Some guy or gal beside me in the no turn lane also decided to turn right. There were dark tinted windows all around so I didn’t get a look at him or her. Turns out both of us were headed for the left lane at which time there was a loud horn blast. That’s when Suzie-Q asked me if I knew him. I responded no and she asked how do you know his name is Dick? I sought forgiveness. Then I thought this is how people get shot around here. I sought forgiveness again hoping I made it out of there not in hand irons.

When we broke free of the DC metro traffic, we were treated to another beautiful and peaceful landscape. When I finally headed west back toward wild and wonderful, the colorful hills reappeared. It sometimes looked as if we were driving straight into a mountain of color when the road turned us toward another gorgeous valley. By the time we reached the New River Gorge area, it was raining. Most of the view was hidden by rainy mist and a gathering ground fog. But even with that the landscape managed to poke through at just the right places to remind that when God pulls out the color pallet and brushes there is no equal.

When you feel all beat up over politics and elections, life in general or people who shouldn’t be allowed to drive, pass on the phone apps and gurus. Break away from the concrete jungle if you are unfortunate enough to be imprisoned there. Find a spot sit and marvel at God’s creation. The calmness will find you.

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