We need answers

Three days in except for the casualty count the public knows little about the Las Vegas shooting or the shooter.  I suppose it is what we should
expect this early in an investigation.  Certainly there is much information being withheld that if released may jeopardize the investigation.  Already, conspiracy theories abound.  The longer it takes the investigators to come to some solid conclusions and inform the people the more the tin foil hats will speculate and facts intermingled with fiction will be lost to a public unable to separate what’s real from what’s not.  The people need to know.  With the level of detail and pre-planning needed it’s hard to accept that this was a one man operation.

Even so, rolling around in my head are unanswered questions:

  • For starters, why did a reported multimillionaire and Las Vegas high roller decide to commit such an atrocity? I am not buying the feeble excuse I heard that video poker drove him nuts.  His brother was adamant that he could never commit such an act.
  • In recent years, where has he traveled outside the country? I’ve seen some claims of travel, but not from any reliable source.
  • Who was he in contact with over the past year or longer?
  • At this stage, who is a reliable source? I do not trust the media, which is probably out there looking for Confederate flags, to provide good information.
  • What about his girl friend? She’s Pilipino.  What are her connections?  Her beliefs?  He’s wired a lot of money to the Philippines.  Who got it?  In the Philippines, there are active and violent Islamist groups.  Is there any connection?  It is understandable that our minds would go there first.
  • How does someone get that many weapons and that much ammunition into a hotel room and install surveillance cameras while going unnoticed?
  • Was the country music venue selected for the crowd size or was there another reason?
  • We are told that the shooting lasted 9 minutes. It took 72 minutes from the first 911 call before police entered the room to find the dead shooter.
  • Was he the only shooter? If so, why did he need to break out two windows when both provided a clear field of fire?
  • During the time lapse from the 911 call until the police breached the door other possible shooters could have exfiltrated and blended in with hotel guests reacting to an active shooter.
  • Is it certain that the shooter killed himself?

I believe our current surveillance state could probably answer many of those questions in a matter of minutes.

Aside from that, are there anymore stupid people out there who are going to say:  It’s country music so they are likely Trump supporters or they are just gun toting Republicans.  Sadder still are the politicians who use a tragedy for political gain.  That is the lowest form of life on this planet.  There are two big things a tyrannical government wants – to totally control healthcare and take guns from the citizens.

I know that an armed citizen could not have stopped this unless he was in the room before the shooting started.  But this took time to plan and prepare.  Someone somewhere witnessed something out of the ordinary.  Reporting that something is the only way we can stop these killers.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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