What Do Most Americans Want?

My bovine scatology meter pegs whenever a politician steps in front of a television camera and proceeds to tell me what “most Americans want.” Each time that I hear that, I am left questioning myself about which of us it is that is confused about the desires of most Americans.

My life situation is not unique among Americans. I was raised by a coal miner, which is certainly common in West Virginia. However, with cap and tax, the activities of the federal Environmental Protection Agency and West Virginia’s career party politicians it could become uncommon. My family was materially poor. The problem is I did not realize I was poor. No one was on the television every day reminding me of how miserable and hopeless my life was and how much I needed government help to survive. Thankfully, there wasn’t much television. The azimuth of my upbringing pointed toward self-reliance and directly away from self-pity or the expectation that anyone, especially government, would provide for me.

I spent most of my life in the military and there encountered every conceivable culture, religious belief, level of wealth, educational level, a multitude of personal and family problems and just about any human character flaw you could imagine. My most beneficial education was practical. The ivy-less formal parts of it were picked up on the fly during the nights and weekends that duty permitted. Granted, few Americans, and fewer still as the years pass us by, spent much time in military service, but like me they lived and worked with multitudes of people who spent their days trying to achieve security for their families. These are the people who comprise the great American middle. It is the part of our society that separates us from the 3rd world hell holes where numbers of us are often sacrificed for some political goal or to un-screw some major political screw-up.

In comparison, I look toward Washington and at the people there who everyday profess to know what most of us want. Even putting aside the crooks and scoundrels, I see dogonned few of them who have lived lives even remotely close to that lived in the American middle. Millionaire San Francisco liberals neither speak for nor have the remotest concept of what most Americans want. If there are those in Washington with middle class upbringings, they have been there for so long that that significant piece of their souls has been irretrievably erased. Some however, are quite good at tweaking the right emotions at just the right time. We bet the fate of our nation on the promise of hope only to watch it morph into hopelessness.

I find it quite amusing that the people who tell us everyday what we want – politicians and their sycophantic media friends – have ratings, approval and otherwise, hovering just below the altitude of whale crap. Apparently there is some unresolved conflict between pretending to know what most Americans want and then actually delivering it.

I profess to know only what one American believes and wants.

I believe America is a Christian nation and was founded on Christian principles.

I want government to leave me alone. A burning desire to be left alone by oppressive government is how our nation was born. In more ways than one, it is time for a Born-Again America.

I believe that being in Washington does not make you smarter than anyone else – just better paid than most.

I want to live debt free. Not an easy goal, but an achievable one. There will be some long term debts in life, like mortgages. Well maybe not so long term if you bought your house from Barney Frank Real Estate, Financing and Escort Service. Living debt free is the only true way to build security for those who depend on you. It is a concept Washington should consider. Stop spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. All that does is add to my personal debt in the form of increased taxes. The country and I cannot build prosperity while digging ourselves deeper into debt.

With our vast natural resources of coal, shale, natural gas and oil, I believe we should be 100 percent energy independent. Not one red cent more of American wealth should be transferred to Middle Eastern or South American dictators. Not one more American life should be lost to preserve the Middle Eastern oil pipeline.

I want a strong military, not just one that is on par with other nations. Being on par means being vulnerable. Cutting future combat systems development takes the advantage away from our Soldiers.

Stop apologizing for me. Period. Cemeteries around the world are filled with Americans who died confronting tyranny. We feed and help more people than the other nations combined. We owe no one or no nation an apology.

In this world, America has friends and enemies. I do not offend my friends while appeasing my enemies. You should give that a try.

I want to get to know my President a little better, but since it doesn’t appear that is going to happen then I should at least enjoy the same level of privacy. Here’s my 2010 Census. 2 Americans live here.

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7 Replies to “What Do Most Americans Want?”

  1. krazo

    Mark Twain(Samuel Clemens)said it best about 140 years ago.”What if you were an idiot.And what if you were a member of Congress,but I repeat myself.” SFC/E7 USA(RET)

    Now that’s a true quote worth keeping. – JD

  2. JD Post author

    The more important tool is the super poop discriminator to determine the relative content of bovine by-product vs. equine effluent. “Most” Americans can’t tell the difference between bulls*** and horses*** and don’t know why they should and it shows.

    Jacques D.

    Whatever the tool, it is still a stinking mess….

  3. lorlan4

    What the Democrats and many Republicans do not understand is the average person has worked very hard to have a life in, which they are not asking for anything except for the right to a decent life. Now, it seems the politicians want to take what they have worked for, and give to people that have never had a desire to do anything, except depend on the Government for their extistance. Many have never worked a day in their lives and expect to be taken care of. It hurts to believe that our politicians feel this way and do not insist on or make mandatory training programs available to those on Welfare, that can work. Then remove these people from the Welfare program within a certain timetable. I realize Democrats depend on those votes and would never allow these people to become a part of the good life and have pride in theirselves and America, yet it seems that soon, there will come a time when we are going to have to be dependent on ourselves, like it or not. This country cannot go as it is now and i’m afraid many people are going to hurt badly.
    I appreciate your newsletter and your devotion to this country. Most people in this country are not the patriots they think they are. A patriot is some one who has made a commitment or sacrifice for this country. Even most of our politicians are not patriots, i’m sorry to say. In it for the power and what they can get out it.

  4. Rob of Arabia


    I think Americans want more litigation. After reading about a multi-million dollar payout for the dust contamination from 9/11 (is Al-Qaeda going to pay for this?) or the Prius drivers in CA & NY (opportunists?), what is happening to our citizens? Why is it always someone else’s fault for their own doing? Imagine the litigation payouts in Europe for all the destroyed towns due to two waves of bombing – first the Germans and then the Allies to kick out the Germans. Yet, in the US, somehow the WTC complex was an environmental hazard site and should have been encased in plastic or something to protect the workers. Funny, I thought Americans wanted to work there as a show of patriotism and show the terrorists you can knock down our buildings but not our spirit.

    Removing representatives in Congress, senators and even our current President will not save the union. What we need is a complete mind-set change. To do this we need to look back to the past to save our future. If not, we will most certainly suffer the fates of previous empires before us.

  5. gunner312

    Kudos SgtMaj.

    Couldn’t have said it better (and probably couldn’t express myself coherently anyway) I seem to get pissed whenever I hear one of those pusillanimous opinionated pissnats in DC and elsewhere saying they know what I want. I decend into foul language and the speech I used to use on new recruits. Mostly I just want to be left alone. Not interefed with in my persuit of happiness. I find that the less of government gnomes and trolls I see the easier that persuit is.

    USMC/USA (Ret)

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