What do we deserve?

What sort of people are we and what sort of leaders do we deserve?

There are few things that can be called universal truths. I believe one of them is that we create the environment in which we live. Or we tolerate the environment that is forced on us. An extension of that is that we get the leaders we deserve.

It appears that we do not deserve a leaders who are God fearing and of common stock. At least we have not shown that we do. We tend to crucify those types, literally and figuratively. Or we stand passively by why others do it.

No, we demand that intellectual snoots lead us. Ideologues mostly, people with which most of us have little if nothing in common. We fawn over supposedly learned individuals with their ivy league pedigrees. Their images are built up to a level that places them and their conduct, no matter how reprehensible, above honest questioning. Question any facet of their lives and you will be labeled as a certified loon. We cannot get real leaders so will settle for manufactured ones who are measured by the magnitude of the tingles they send up the collective legs of an adoring liberal media and mushy headed college kids.

We do not deserve a leader who has lived a common life, has a commoner’s education obtained from a public school, and who loves God, loves freedom, loves the United States of America and who have also soiled their hands doing common work. Clearly we do not want or deserve a leader who has something in common with most of us. No, given the choice, we generally pick some media fabricated American royalty over Robin Hood.

As Sarah Palin was blamed by the liberal pundits for the mass murder that happened in Arizona, I had to ask myself what this woman has done that deserves such hatred …Ahem…such blood libel. That the punditocracy, not all of it liberal, and other assorted political miscreants have the audacity to even introduce the word vitriol into any discussion about any person other than the bonehead looking back at them from the mirror is astounding to me. Breathtakingly astounding. Don’t you think by now if there were any real skeletons in Mrs. Palin’s closet, that they would not be daily above the fold of the New York Times? Nonsensical fabrications such as this and the many others are proof to anyone with two firing brain cells who the liberals, establishment politicians and the punditocracy who steers them truly fear. Common people.

Politicians who claim to be conservatives will not directly defend Sarah Palin. Why is that? Stupid question. Quick answer. For one, they are spineless and they would never defend a potential political opponent. Worse yet, their fears of the Washington punditocracy and the liberal press are stronger than the courage of their convictions. That is truly sad for our country. I do not believe Mrs. Palin would burn those political bridges, but those weak political bridges with their frail underpinnings will not stand for very long anyway. They will collapse. In tough times, those people will scatter like cockroaches when the light switch is flipped on. They choose to avoid controversy rather confront it.

My perception is that Sarah Palin is not a political minded person. If she was, she would not call death panels what they are and she would not call blood libel what it is. I see her as more like one of my neighbors. Someone who could come to my backyard for a barbeque, bring some moose burgers, and not look down upon me as if she was doing me a favor by gracing my lowly backyard with her royal presence.

Unlike Mrs. Palin, typical politicians hedge their bets. No words come out of their mouths that are not politically motivated, focus group tested, measured for political effect and worked on by speech writers and publicists before they ever appear on a teleprompter. Sarah Palin is clear about what she believes is right and good for the United States. She has no problem putting those beliefs out there without dressing them as something else and not retreating from them. Unfortunately for Mrs. Palin, the beltway elitists cannot handle frankness and clarity and most of them are more than a little insecure in life because of it. That is why she garners their hatred. That is why I do not need the Beltway’s Chuck Krauthammer et al doing my thinking for me.

Unfortunately, many of us do allow others to think for us and that is why America has the leadership it deserves.

Romans 12

© 2011

2 Replies to “What do we deserve?”

  1. Dee

    I am so proud to say that I am NOT part of the collective “we” who elected this incompetent person to the most important position on earth. I fear this is no longer “my” country, particularly if Obama (difficult for me to even key his name) is re-elected. The majority has spoken. I am glad I am NOT part of that majority.

    God HELP America. I am doing all I can to write to my elected officials and elect conservatives, but it will take a ballot box revolution–or worse–to save our great nation now. We, collectively, have let our foundation crumble, bit by bit.

    JD’s words always make me feel sane, although they sadden me as well. The truth hurts.

  2. Topremf

    Some sad truisms JD. I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, do you? Guess maybe Dec 21st 2012 will resolve it all, or it sure makes for good TV programming. Can you imagine the hysteria then?
    Too bad about Sarah. She deserves much more respect than that. Well the anti gun folks will make hay of that. Notice the socialists are coming out of the woodwork in droves now, putting the badmouth on George W and anyone else who does not ascribe to their manifesto.

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