What have you done for me lately?

OK, so Donald Trump is not a conservative. At least not as defined by the self-proclaimed pristine conservatives of the never Trump bunch. I get it. But, neither are they except for purposes of pontification. Answer some questions for me. What have those prima donnas – those annoying people with inflated views of their own talent or importance – done for me lately? What have they done for Americans lately other than look down their noses at the unwashed masses – us voters? During the past seven years, which conservative principle did they collectively stand on? For which ones were they ready to pay more than lip-service? Any? These boys and girls who swore they would fix things if we just put them in charge, learned to roll over quicker than you could chuck them a doggie treat or a bale of cash. Then they wonder aloud why any thinking American would be attracted to a non-politician who promises to secure our borders and right our sinking ship of trade allowing for some of those 94 million who are not in the workforce to possibly have work. Is that a foreign concept to the snoots? People wanting to work? Is it odd that Americans across the landscape of ideologies might be drawn to a man who is offering Americans a shot at restoration rather than fundamental transformation?

They did a few things for me I guess. They have caused me to refine the list of radio people to whom I will no longer listen – the self-absorbed bat crap crazy ones bordering mental illness or total implosion. Maybe they should just have one song in their bumper rotation, The Eve of Destruction.

The world is coming to an end so go to my sponsors and by a year’s worth of survival food, a solar generator and a freeze drying machine. The economy will never recover so go to my other sponsor and buy gold. Yes! Get it now before it is too late. They helped me identify the faces and voices that cause me to hit the mute button or switch the television channel. They have helped me to know the publications to avoid unless I need flooring for the bird cage. They have clearly pointed out for me (and anyone else whose paying attention) the Washington politicians who are wholly owned and answering not to the American people.

Trump is not a liberal either. Nor do I think you can call him a moderate. I do not think you can hang upon him a political ideology. He is a nationalist maybe or he is just a straight talking person that gives the snobocracy the vapors. And if I may ask, what is exactly wrong about putting American first? Unless of course you are an anti-American with a head full of progressive communist drivel. Or, you do not want a man in the Whitehouse who knows where the bodies are buried and how businesses in this country have to grease the right political palms. One who just might slow the flow of the money spigot?

The Speaker of the House will not endorse the presumptive nominee of his own party. He wants to buck the will of the majority of the Republican voters. That is quite interesting. I wonder how much his cash flow has been during his tour as our public servant and from whose reservoir. Now they are huddling in the dark corners around Sodom on the Potomac to discuss a third party run to keep Trump from winning the presidency. The Department of Justice is probably not going to indict Mrs. Clinton since they are very busy trying to force the state of North Carolina to allow grown men who think they are women to use the bathroom with little girls. So, she will be the nominee. A third party bid generated by the snobocracy will ensure a Clinton presidency, which to them means business as usual. Theirs not ours. Then those pure and pristine conservatives will have provided her the hammer with which she can drive home the last nails into the coffin of freedom. History and Americans will assign the correct level of responsibility.

The fight is on and I do not think it is a choice of the lesser of evils. The choice is between resuscitating our country or unplugging it from life support.

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