What killed America?

Was it two dominant political parties always in opposition and vying for power as the founders warned was a great threat to our Constitution? That is certainly as good a candidate as any. These men and women do doggoned little these days, if they ever did, to represent Americans. They instead court the money and the powerful quid pro quo. It pads their pockets and points them to insider deals that make them wealthy on a civil servants’ salary. My one man poll places the popularity and effectiveness of the United States Congress somewhere just below whale crap.

Was it when we started purging God from society? Removing prayer and any other vestiges of Him first from schools and then from any place where one might encounter an offensive Christian symbol. Even though our founding documents make the foundation of this lost nation quite clear. According to at least one Supreme Court Justice, those founders could not have envisioned what freedom and liberty encompasses in our more enlightened modern world. Apparently he does not think God got it right either. Well, who the hell am I to question a Supreme Court Judge? One of America’s appointed for life honest brokers. Turn away now, spewing your drink onto the monitor will just make a mess and hot coffee shooting out of your nose can be painful, although it will clear your sinuses.

Was it when we began abandoning people who wanted freedom? About the time a progressive Congress cut off all aid to the South Vietnamese leading to a communist victory, executions, and re-education camps and to Pol Pot’s killing fields. That emboldened enemies and pushed allies away. Clearly we did not learn from that, because we allowed them to do it again in the Middle East. As we scooted, once again from a hard fought military victory, we opened up the gates of hell on the region’s Christian population and anyone else opposing the death cult that clearly spends its nights thinking up more creative ways to murder people. We do drone one of them occasionally, that will show them.

Was it when the Supreme Court found in the Constitution the right to kill unborn children? Want to speak to me about genocide? We own the greatest one ever committed – and it is ongoing. Our president did ask God to bless Planned Parenthood once following a speech to them. Probably not a good idea. As a nation, we will answer for it someday.

Was it multiculturalism? The advent of hyphenated-Americanism? It was when we started picking the carrots and peas out of the melting pot that we began the Balkanization of America. Geeze I forgot we are not allowed to say melting pot anymore because, well, it might offend someone who does not care about assimilating. Being a freedom loving American became passé. American values replaced by hyphenated-American values and effectively destroying what we did have in common – love and appreciation for the freest and greatest nation ever.

Was it when spoiled Hollywood brats started visiting our enemies during war and making propaganda radio broadcasts, hippies burning draft cards and running off to Canada. Or was it when deserters had their bad discharges upgraded and draft dodgers were granted amnesty – and elected president.

Was it when we lost control of our borders and control of who enters our country? Maybe it was when we lost the language. Push 1 for English… When you sing your Christmas carols what image pops into your mind when you sing “don we now our gay apparel?” The language, political correctness all of it together and it is like we followed Alice into Wonderland and have no human guide to bring us back home.

Was it when the Supreme Court decided to rewrite laws by redefining a penalty as a tax and declaring that established by a state really means established by the federal government. Words now mean whatever some self-perceived enlightened judge says they mean. It is just a matter of time until they redefine what it means to keep and bear arms or any other right for that matter. Was it when the court found another right – homosexual marriage – in the Constitution? Using the same rationale for God, one must assume, as used to decide the founders could not have envisioned the modern world. Uh.. Sodom – Gomorrah.

Was it when we decided we would start removing pieces of American history because someone finds them offensive? Does that differ from ISIS destroying artifacts from ancient cultures? Minus the murder it differs not. History hidden and forgotten is history repeated. You cannot find a Confederate flag on Amazon, but you can find Nazi items, any communist flag you can name, the Black Panther Flag the people who stood in the streets of Charleston and said “finish the mission, kill all of the slave masters”, and the Nation of Islam flag whose leader just declared “we have to put down the American flag.”

Was it passive Christians who did not push back? Was it passive Christian ministers who frightened of losing their tax status failed to speak from the pulpit about where the nation was headed?

It was the man in the mirror who grew apathetic, who took freedom for granted, who grew ignorant of the history and founding of our country, grew ignorant of the political process, voted for a party not a man or woman, desired to pass his problems off to the government to solve…

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