What sort of government is it that you believe you want?

Running around in my mind is a burning question.  It is for the people protesting the outcome of the general election.  What sort of government is it that you believe you want?  Clearly you do not accept our constitutionally guided Representative Republic.  If you did, you would marvel at the peaceful transference of executive power that is a prominent model for Western Civilization and the envy of the un-free.  The history of the world is not one of freedom or democracy.  The percentage of people who can be called free by the standard of the United States of America is miniscule when compared to the remainder of the globe.   Not one nation among them can declare that the basis for their government is individual liberty.  That is what makes us the exceptional nation, but I am sure you learned that in elementary school.

So again, what sort of government is that you believe you want?  I really do want to know what better system you have in mind.  Tell me, I will listen but have little tolerance for platitudes.  You must first convince me you understand anything about our government and our history.  I presume many of you are somewhat educated unless you are among the thugs paid to go to what might otherwise be peaceful protests and cause trouble.

I grew up in the hippie generation and collectively we were about as propagandized and ill-informed as I believe you are – by the same media actually and in our day there was no alternative.  Many of us were draft dodgers and war protestors.  The free love, flowers in your hair, and psychedelic drugs generation.  The well-connected among us got draft deferments or choice positions in the military reserve units that were bursting at the seams.  Others ran off to Canada.  The remainder did what we thought were supposed to do.  These were your grandparents.  Many of them moved into academia where they shared with your parents and ultimately you a fantasized worldview about a place they wished existed, a utopia, but it does not exist and it is all because evil America will not allow it to.

I raised a son along with parents who were children of the hippie generation.  Even growing up in a military community it was difficult to teach him that in real life there are winners and losers.  It was also hard to teach him that you gain little in life by sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to give you something for nothing.  We had our share of parents and program directors that believed every child needed a trophy, every child had to play in the game, and everyone was a winner. I think I have a reasonable understanding of your generation.  From me to you, life is not a game without consequences, a game where there are only winners.

I lost track of the stories this past week of distraught college students.  Crying circles at Ivy league schools.  People fearing they are going to be trotted off to internment camps for what they believe. Sorry, but you have us confused with North Korea, the greater Middle East, Communist China, et al.  I heard one young lady declare this is a war and there are going to be casualties, “people have to die.”  When you do not even comprehend the full meaning of words that are coming out of your mouth, you cannot possibly survive alone in the real world.  Some sage advice once given to me, “Before putting your mouth into operation, ensure to first engage your brain.”

Life is not all daisies and rainbows.  Beyond the locked doors of your home, there are no safe zones – and not even there if you are connected to the Internet.  Unless you were born with the proverbial silver spoon, life is a place where you must earn your way.  There is no president that can give you all you want.  Your participation trophy is a paycheck for work done.  Life does not run on emotion, which differs greatly from passion.  Yours may run high or they may be low, but it is reality that drives life.  Nothing else does.  Most people are respectful of others and their beliefs, but they too have beliefs and no obligation to embrace yours.

So, your candidate lost.  Protests and vandalism will not change that.  Maybe you should look at why you lost.  Many people do not like being called deplorable.  People do not like “protestors” destroying property and the businesses that support their communities.  Maybe you were led down the primrose pathway by a media that amounted to little more than pure propaganda.  One that convinced you there was no way you could lose.  Four years from now you will have had time to educate yourselves.  Maybe this dose of reality will be good for you.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry

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