What’s the difference?

Between a community organizer and a Commander in Chief. I believe it is about the same as the difference between a hockey mom and a community organizer.

Our Commander in Chief, who insists that everyone must pay a fair share, has yet to define a fair share. But, that is what a community organizer does. He builds a non-existent bad guy, the one who refuses to pay a fair share, and uses him to divide the community or in our case a whole nation. While the community’s attention is diverted toward despising the fictitious bad guy, the community organizer focuses on what it is he truly wants to destroy. What he most despises. He knows that if light shines on what he is really doing, his only support will come from the like-minded in his inner circle and the narcissist in the mirror.

The President visited Fort Stewart on April 27, 2012. His intent, so we are told, is to protect the troops from aggressive college recruiters out to steal their benefits. He signed an executive order before a rent a crowd of Fort Stewart’s Soldiers and their families. He was looking out for the troops and protecting them from unscrupulous diploma mills trying to scam away their education benefits. It was certainly a noble act of compassion.

In the Army, many of us were on what we called the 20 or sometimes 30 year degree program. Simply put, when time and Soldier business permitted we went to night classes and in later years we also took online courses. Our goal was to have a degree completed as we left the service. Enlisted retirement is not enough for most to live on so the reality is that one must be prepared to find the next job and a college degree is useful – sometimes absolutely essential. We all knew, and I expect that today’s troops know as well, who were the reputable established institutions having long relationships with the military. Soldiers are human and as such will sometimes fall prey to the con – something for nothing. Those institutions that will happily take your money and give you a worthless life experience college degree. Soldiers do not need an executive order protecting them from that. It does make great campaign video – looking out for the troops is always a good thing.

Over the years I have grown increasingly tired of seeing Soldiers and Veterans used as political campaign props only to look into the background to see what is really happening. I assure you that as time passes this summer you will hear magnificent stories about the great things done for serving members of the military and for Veterans. What you will never hear is any of the back stories.

While the President is determined to protect our serving men and women from unscrupulous diploma mills, he appears just as determined to destroy the health insurance benefit used primarily by military families and military retirees. Take some time to read Trashing of TRICARE. While reading it, I want you to recall all of the exemptions from Obamacare issued to unions and others. Signing an executive order in the presence of the troops is worthy of wall to wall coverage in the legacy media, but forcing military families and retirees into Obamacare is not. Have you seen or heard anywhere else about the destruction of health care benefits for military families and retirees? My bet is that you will not. It only hurts a tiny percentage of the population that has always been a great political prop, but never a significant voting bloc.

TRICARE is a significant benefit for military families and it is especially an important benefit for military retirees. An increase in the cost of their health care is a potentially severe economic loss for them because there is no increase in pay to make up for the lost health care benefit. Do you wonder why there are no television commercials showing Veterans being pushed over a cliff by politicians? If not, maybe you should.

What is a fair share for one to pay Mr. President? Men and women have spent their lives in the service of our country and today’s troops have served multiple combat tours. Do you know what they desire most? Just a kind word and the comfort of knowing that there is someone back home and safe who is just as committed to protecting them as they were and are to protecting a nation.

What truly is your goal? If it is to look out for the troops and preserve the nation, then would not your actions show that?

Have you paid your fair share Mr. President?


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