When wrestling with pigs, everybody gets muddied

I’m puzzled. In this instance, I don’t care about your political or ideological persuasion, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation or even if you are confused about which of those you are. If you are an American or if you call yourself one, I don’t know how you can be okay with what is happening in our country.

There is no longer presumption of innocence. Allegations are made that cannot be supported or proven with any evidence or witnesses yet the person to whom the complaint is against must prove they’re not guilty. Politicians, media and totalitarians insist a person must prove they didn’t do what is not proven that they did. Not even by a single witness or a shred of evidence. You cannot prove a negative. Sadly, that only applies if you are a Christian minded conservative. If you are the co-chair of the Democratic National Committee with a history of beating your girlfriends or a Congressman whose sexual assault allegation was silenced with a healthy sum of taxpayer dollars that’s OK. If every allegation must be accepted as the gospel truth, then you must apply that standard to everyone – especially to Democrat idols the likes of Bill Clinton. Otherwise, you are the total hypocrites you convict everyone else of being. To quote the extraordinarily fair-minded Democrat Congress woman Mazie Hirono shut up and stand up. All of this hullabaloo has nothing to do with Kavanaugh’s qualifications. It only has to do with the fear of losing the manufactured right to kill unborn children on demand. Something that seems at the center of left-wing existence.

It is shocking how similar our nation’s left wing is with the ancient religion of Baal. Followers of Baal sacrificed babies. While the babies burned they participated in sex orgies. That was how they worshiped their false god of fertility. Today’s left has built a sex centered culture with Hollywood the largest purveyor. Have sex, sacrifice the baby, repeat. There’s no difference except that abortion is more clinical and enlightened than a bonfire and now they can profit from the baby’s body parts. It truly is nauseating to put it into that context, but it is what it is. Wrap it up as you please, but the left has become its own religion remarkably similar to one that’s been around since the beginning of time.

I’ve said it a dozen times. The progressive/Communist/totalitarians will not go quietly. They’ve had quite a run of acquiring everything on their social engineering shopping list. They are engaged in all-out war to fundamentally transform America while country club Republicans in Washington believe a dignified and intellectual response is the way to fight back. Their ultimate aim requires a like-minded left-wing activist Supreme Court. The progressives pushing the destruction of Judge Brett Kavanaugh are devoid of integrity, honor, morals, principles and most certainly lacking in support for the rule of law, the Constitution and the bill of rights. It is guttural politics’ finest hour. It is put up or shut up time for the accusers and their media and political cheer leaders.

If you are hatred driven, you may think what is happening is okay. It is a means to your desired end. You know that decent people will not stoop to your level of incivility. You know the complicit media will fly with any narrative you throw out. They too do not need facts or proof as long as they can bring harm to the duly elected President.

If you are so naïve as to believe that the attack on Judge Kavanaugh is just about him, you’ll be truly shocked one day when your freedom disappears. You’ll be even more shocked when you show up on the street in your pussy hats and black masks only to learn that the true oppressors and fascists are the people who coaxed you into the street in the first place. You’ll be totally astounded when they open fire on you. Then who will you blame? Start with the person in the mirror.

For the Republicans, I’m reminded of an old Army expression that says arguing with the Sergeant Major is like wrestling with a pig. Everybody gets muddy, but the pig loves it. Sometimes, to have any chance to win the scrap, you must get in the mud and do a little eye-gouging too. This is a war. It will never be over. At least not before Armageddon.

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