Where is John Wayne?

Suzie-Q and I like movies.  We like the environment, sharing popcorn and a bucket of pop.  We even tolerate those who come to see a movie yet must
check their cell phones every two minutes in case maybe there is another tweet from the President or LeBron.  These days, the sad part is that there is probably one movie in ten that’s worth seeing.

A good action movie or comedy or what one expects to be a good action-comedy from the trailers is ruined within minutes by the F-bomb and other nonsense.  Over my years, I’ve seen tons of movies.  I have seen countless movies that might be classified as an action movie.  Some were very entertaining movies not laced with sex and profanity.  Back in the day, when we actually watched television, one of our favorite programs was CHIPS.  Naturally when we watched the trailer, we were duped into believing it was going to be the same fun format.  A couple of motorcycle cops having fun and catching the bad guys.  Characters the kids could look up to.  Too bad one of the cops was a degenerate sex fiend and the other a hopeless pain pill addict.  That story line overshadowed whatever else may have been worth seeing – which by the way wasn’t much.

I spent a lot of years in the Army.  I have heard and used bad language.  But, I’ve never used it or heard it to the extent that it is used in some of these movies.  I saw another trailer for the movie, The Hitman’s Body Guard.  Although Samuel L. Jackson is known to make some outrageous statements about our country, I believed the movie might still be entertaining.  After all, isn’t that why we escape to the movies or these days to a football game?  To lose our minds for a time and get away from the daily drudgery giving our brains a needed break from the real world?  Sure it is.  But it is sad when hardly a single line of dialogue is uttered without an F-bomb.  And in this movie, not just Jackson but the body guard too and the woman who portrayed his bride.  Their term of endearment for one another was mother-effer.  Classy right?  By now, you would have thought I’d learned to spot garbage before buying it, but I didn’t.  What was billed as a satirical James Bond type movie, The Kingsmen, promptly set out to employ more F-bombs than Sam did although they did it with a British accent.   What is even sadder is that I look around the theatre and see youngsters there supposedly accompanied by an adult.  I can remember way back when people were trying to count the number of times Al Pacino used the word in the movie Scarface.  Those who know, for some reason I guess they actually counted, said it was 226 times or about once a minute give or take.  I think the answer may be to avoid R rated movies even though that may include some decent action flicks not filled with profanity.

Do you reckon the script writers are that bad or the actors are doing a little improv?  Either way, you’d think they would question why these movies are flops not even catching a one star from me.

I long for Big Jake, McClintock, and Rooster Cogburn who did once command “slap leather you SOBs.”  There were some epic brawls and gunfights, but about the worst we’d heard up to then was Clarke Gable declaring, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”  And on that other thing, I also long for Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene….

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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  1. Christian Zionist

    May I make some suggestions. If you and Susie Q are Christians, you’ll enjoy God’s Not Dead I and II, and you’ll also enjoy DO YOU BELIEVE? with Sybil Shepherd and Lee Majors. All three are wonderful productions. If you love true stories (to me they’re the best) get WOMAN IN GOLD, HACKSAW RIDGE, and WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.

    All three are superb and you won’t find the filth you’ve mentioned in your article. There are more, but these six can be enjoyed on your couch with popcorn and pop…you’ll cry over some of them, and you’ll have a great night of entertainment.

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