While freedom slips away

It was probably the smallest theatre in the multiplex. The audience was maybe a dozen. Except for my wife, me and a lady sitting in the row in front of us the rest were north of 70 age-wise.

We were not supposed to be here this weekend. We were headed for Gatlinburg to spend a quite weekend with some old friends. These old friends, like me, spent much of their lives in the Army. We try to get together once each year. Two are old Vietnam combat Veterans. Motorcycle riders, but no silver pony tails for these two. This makes them older than me, but they will never admit to that. They also have blushing brides who spent that time in service, too much of it alone and waiting, with them. Typical military families led and protected by an old Soldier, but anchored by a strong woman. There is also a female member of our small band. A veteran of Afghanistan who lost her husband in this long war, she too was unable to make it this weekend. They are all freedom loving, America loving, and ready for a brawl at the drop of a hat to defend their honor and that of their country. These are friends I am blessed to have. Events kept us apart this weekend, but we will have other times until the last of us standing lifts a toast to the others. In a free America.

I was all set to write about something else this weekend. Looking at world events, I really wanted to vent some anger. I wanted to point out what happens when liberalism meets a world filled with evil. In our case, it usually means dead Americans. Yep. I wanted to talk about liberalism, a weakened nation, the erosion of our freedoms and convenient crises. Is it not a wonder to you that with politicians who want to control the Internet, a President who wants to own the kill switch and in the midst of it all there appears this anti-Islam video blamed for causing the current turmoil? An idea already debunked. Rather than defend a most basic American freedom of speech, Hillary and Jake the Snake ran out of adjectives decrying the use of it while prostrating themselves before the Islamists. Liberalism kills. People and freedom.

I have never accepted that there is coincidence. Everything happens for a purpose, whether it is man caused or supernatural. So my wife and I found ourselves sitting in the cozy little theatre, splitting a giant bag of popcorn, without butter, and a gallon of pop Mayor Bloomberg. There were no giant transforming robots breaking down buildings, no Iron Men or Incredible Hulks, and Sly Stallone was not there leading a band of good-hearted mercenaries against thousands of bad guys. Nope, there was none of that. There was just a story about freedom and how you and I may be letting it slip away.

The movie is The Last Ounce of Courage. There is no sex, no foul language, no mayhem. It will be panned by critics and made fun of by others. But, somehow, I think I was supposed to be there to see this movie today. The movie told me what I and many Americans know. We are giving our freedoms away. One at a time. That is the only way freedom can be lost. The point of the movie is that we are allowing the bullies to intimidate us into foregoing our freedoms. We are just watching it happen. We are watching it happen in the shadows of the spirits of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives defending it and in the shadows of our forefathers driven here hungering for freedom.

Every person has freedom in his heart. Placed there by God. This movie will touch your heart in many ways. It will point out that freedom is being lost and it will leave you with a single burning question. What are you going to do about it? I was supposed to see this movie today. I am supposed to answer that question.


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