Who is Defending America?

ThinkerI finally watched Avatar. The story line carried the typical Hollywood social messages. The stereotypical portrayal of the war mongering mercenary military force. The evil corporation out to exploit the people and the planet for greed. The chain smoking scientist who only wanted to save the planet and its people dying at the hands of the evil mercenary leader. Worship of the mother planet, complete with its rituals that looked like a combination of Hare Krishna and transcendental meditation.

It is the liberal meme, vintage 1960s to mid 1970s. I would have selected Vietnam War era rock and roll for the musical score. Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction when the bulldozers rolled in and the Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black would have worked for the battle scene. I am somewhat nostalgic.

Visually it was spectacular, but there was one nagging little thing. It kept reminding me of those black light posters that plastered the walls wherever hippies gathered in the 60s. I could practically smell the marijuana and burning incense. Thankfully there was no scene where the green people all held hands and walked over a rainbow although they did fly around on Technicolor birds.

Even though I had some trouble focusing, it was still entertaining.

Parts of the story I felt were quite appropriate for today. What about the concept of defending your home against uninvited aliens? Yep, the people of color did that well. When the big battle ended, they rounded up all of the mostly white uninvited guest workers and put them on the first thing smokin’ back toward their dying planet. There is another interesting piece. How did the planet’s native inhabitants behave when one of the immigrants wanted to learn their ways, their language and their culture? They welcomed him.

Doggone. Mr. Cameron made a perfect argument for legal immigration and assimilation. Do you reckon he meant to?

So much for movie reviews.

The other day, I had a very rare experience. I was speechless, at a complete loss for words. I was angry too. My mouth dried up. I could not have spit if I wanted to. It started when, from the grounds of the Whitehouse standing beside the President of the United States, the president of Mexico attacked a sovereign state of the United States and by extension the sovereignty of our country. How did our President react? He agreed. When the leader of my country cannot find it within himself to challenge such conduct, but instead agrees with it he is not the leader of my country. He is not a man I can trust or willingly follow.

That little scene disappointed me as much as it made me angry. But, it gets better. Calderon had the same words to share with a joint gathering of both houses of the United States Congress. All of the Democrats, the Attorney General and the Director of Homeland Security gave him a standing ovation for it. Wow! We are in serious trouble. We cannot even count on the people who represent us to defend our national honor against the leader of one of the most corrupt governments on the planet.

Sometimes, I believe that the people running our country want to provoke Americans into the streets, want to provoke civil unrest. It is just the crisis they need to further restrict civil liberties or even declare martial law. What else could be their point? You can only poke someone in the eye for so long before they break your fingers.

From now until Election Day, the video of the Democrat party in unison giving a standing ovation to a foreign leader attacking our sovereignty should be played continually.

In one Avatar scene, a green warrior leaps into the back of the transport aircraft and starts tossing people out. That is what we need to do to Congress in November. Toss a lot of people out. That is, if our country survives until November.

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3 Replies to “Who is Defending America?”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    Haven’t seen Avatar yet and it sounds like I’m not missing much. I lost respect for Cameron many years ago when he released the Director’s Cut of The Abyss which was basically a movie about the evils of nuclear war and the current administration (Bush, Sr.). To tell you the truth, I was surprised he didn’t blame the Republicans for the sinking of the Titanic.

    In any event, history will look back at this time under the headline, “In the Company of Idiots” with the Big-O in the White House and Bug-Eyes and Clueless Harry ‘leading’ the House & Senate as one of America’s low points. Life is full of ups and downs and we are certainly in a deep gulley; but only for the moment. Some nice hills are slowly coming into view…

  2. CaptainO

    J.D. you pretty much nailed it when you said that our current ruling party wants to provoke honest peace loving Americans into the streets. It is all part and parcell with the progressives attitude that they must create “emergencies” in order to promulgate their version of socialism. Like you I pray that November brings about a major house cleaning of career polticians. It would definately be a refreshing change to see a legislative body in DC that was genuinely concerned with the future of this great nation and not just the next election cycle. Keep the faith and fight the good fight.

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