Who Is Our President?

I got an email the other day. The subject of it was “Obama’s Citizenship.” It talked about his time at Occidental College. Being familiar with this particular circulating email, I hit the reply to all button and sent the addressees the Snopes link on the topic. Lord knows I do not hold Snopes as the arbiter of truth on the planet. In the absence of hard documents pointing in one direction or the other, they can no better proclaim something false as someone else may proclaim it true. I sent the link intending to suggest that we should not put forth things that we do not know or have reasonable evidence to support lest we become labeled. I probably should have ignored it.

At breakfast, I commonly have email and news with my oatmeal. The very next day, one email leaped out at me. It was from a person named Barry who had a last name that is quite familiar to me. Otherwise, it may have met the same fate as similar email – unceremoniously deposited into the cyber trashcan.

Here is the full text of Barry’s email.

“You can deleate [sic] me from your e-mail list….I voted for our President…enough said.”

My first thought was that Barry used that possessive pronoun our quite loosely. I assumed that he meant our in the context of country rather than in the context of his and mine. Or, he may have meant his and the mouse in his pocket, but who knows, a mind reader I am not. Snarky email is generally deleted and forgotten. Unfortunately, that does let the sender have a momentary feeling of a keyboard courage victory and the last word. I am sorry that I must spoil your moment Barry.

None of us can proclaim to know what we do not know and none of us can decide at what point enough is said. We do not know because any evidence that would shine light on the subject is sealed up tighter than the Fort Knox gold reserve. Enough is said, when there is nothing left to say. A profound statement I know. So, Barry I must not let you declare the discussion over. Maybe, however, we should take it in a different direction.

A legion of well paid lawyers have prevented anyone from seeing documents that might tell us who our President is, but they cannot keep us from the evidence that clearly tells us who he is not.

He tells us that he became a follower of Jesus Christ in the church pastored by Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright preaches liberation theology while damning America. Examine the word. Theo comes from the Greek word Theos, which means God. Ology is a field of knowledge or study. Theology then is the study of God. If anything is placed before God, whether in a Church or elsewhere, it becomes false teaching and something other than Christianity. Period. Liberation theology is a Marxist “social justice” political movement placed before God in Wright’s church. Our President spent many years there. He may have found something, but it was not Christ. When Rick Warren asked him when life begins, a Christian would have unhesitatingly declared at conception rather than declaring the answer is above his pay grade. A Christian cannot support abortion and most assuredly cannot support allowing a baby that survived a botched abortion to die. Our President supports both. There are more examples, but in the interest of space we will leave them for another time. Suffice it to say that it is like a bad rock and roll song where the doo-wops from the backup singers drown out the message in the lyrics. Some believe our President is a Muslim, but we have nothing to prove that definitively. He can call himself whatever he likes, but the evidence is clear that he is not a Christian.

He does not support American exceptionalism and has so stated. That in and of itself is quite telling. It does not require much discussion other than to question how one can enthusiastically lead a nation that he believes is just another nation.

He does not support the free market. If he did, failing businesses would be allowed to succeed or fail without government intervention. The words “wealth redistribution” would not be in his vocabulary.

He does not believe in states’ rights. If he did, he would not meddle in political affairs of individual states and he would not try to force a healthcare mandate on them. He would not support states’ governments operating at the whims of not elected public employee unions – unless he truly bought into Marxist liberation theology.

He does not believe in our Constitutional Republic and its three branches of government. If he did, he would use his duly appointed and congressionally confirmed cabinet and not rely on nearly 3 dozen czars who answer to him only (or maybe he answers to them) and who operate without constitutionally required Congressional oversight. That is how dictators function. He would not assume the role of the Supreme Court and unilaterally declare a duly passed law (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional leaving Americans to wonder which law that he does not like is next. That was, if you are wondering, the next logical step following open homosexual service in the military.

He is not interested in the security of the United States or the effectiveness of our Armed Forces. If he was, he would not be in the process of disarming us while placing his military social engineering agenda ahead of all else at the same time his Soldier’s are engaged in seemingly endless combat operations.

Then there is that energy issue. He places the fantasia view of energy ahead of reality and national security. He will not allow us to drill for our own oil. He has already said he is okay with 4 dollar gasoline and he plans to bankrupt coal powered electric power plants. Windmills will not produce an energy independent USA. In some century, alternatives to fossil fuel may do that, but not in this one. His buddy, the CEO of General Electric will get more powerful, but you and I will be left riding the mythical bullet train to nowhere.

Our President Barry? He has an odd way of showing it.


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