Who is this bald guy?

I am curious as his image is circulating around the Internet atop an article that I wrote four years ago.
It is, no doubt, the creation of an Internet nitwit. Bald GuyI am not sure if the photo was added before or after another, or maybe even the same, Internet nitwit decided that it would sound better if I was identified as a Marine Corps Sergeant Major. For the benefit of a great orator we all know about and in deference to my Marine Corps Brethren I emphasize that the correct pronunciation is core not corpse.

I do wish that whoever did it had selected some square-jawed, rough and ready warrior looking type instead of another pudgy middle-aged bald guy. If anyone knows this man, who was apparently speaking at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. please inform him that a lot of anger and language of the type that cannot be shared in a family friendly environment has been directed toward the author of that article –me. Now all of the foul mouthed nuts out there believe I look like him. Sorry, there is only room, food and ammo enough for one JD in JD’s Bunker. Good luck to you bald guy. I do not know whether a Semper Fi is appropriate or not, but keep your head down brother and your powder dry.

The unauthorized editing of On Your Hands, most prominently redubbed by those unauthorized editors as the Axis of Idiots, changing me from a retired Army Command Sergeant Major into a retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major, and putting some bald guy’s photograph above it is simply proof that you must take everything you see or read on the Internet with the proverbial grain of salt – or in my younger out of control days with 3 fingers of Old Number 7. In a glass, no ice.

I started thinking about this when Journolist was exposed by the Daily Caller. Journolist, if you somehow missed the story, was a list serv with a membership of liberal journalists that collaborated to use the media to advance their political ideology and support the campaign and subsequent presidency of Barack Obama. This is a sorry collection of schools of journalism educated slugs. They do not deserve the freedoms to which they were entrusted and that others have sacrificed to ensure they kept. Now you should know why all of the left leaning media talking heads always sang the same lyrics. They all collected their sheet music from Journolist. If the communists who are trying to take control of our country are successful, it will be this collection of useful idiots that cries the loudest, but no one will be able to hear them.

I am no journalist. I write what I think and share my opinion. People read it and accept it or not. It bothers me when someone, for whatever their purpose, takes the liberty of altering what I write. It is dishonest to intentionally alter another’s words. Without integrity, everything else crumbles. However, I chalk my experience up to my gullibility and as a hazard of writing and publishing on the Internet.

It concerns me much more and it takes dishonesty to a new low, however, when the controlling media, those who do lay claim to being objective journalists, collaborate to mislead a nation in order to support a political ideology – a freedom (of speech) destroying ideology. Keep that collaboration in mind with all of the news that you hear reported or that you read. Many of us accepted that objective news reporting went out the window about the time Uncle Walty pronounced our defeat in Vietnam. Now we have the hard proof of it.

Check your overhead cover, refill your sandbags, check the wire, check the dead space…

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2 Replies to “Who is this bald guy?”

  1. OWB

    Had to grin. Can’t tell you how many times someone forwarded that missive to me, with you being the “Gunny” or something similar. I finally started wondering myself who you are!

    Seriously, several of us out here tried to help you out as much as we could by letting others know who you really are, and even directing a few to your real bio.

    Back on topic: it became seriously obvious to even the least affluent among us that there was a single playbook somewhere when the word gravitas managed to hit all the columns, every newcast and came from each talking head in a single day! Until then, we all had suspicions at the unliklihood of some phrases being used similtaneously, but any doubt was made impossible with the use of that perfectly good but hitherto mostly unused word. Gravitas is a wonderful word, but how many of us had ever heard the word used by a “journalist” until that day?

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