Why are the Democrats Running the Impeachment Scam?

Democrats and their political activist media allies excel at creating distractions.  It is rare that the alleged reason for their actions is ever the real reason.  Misinformation is their game.  Have you noticed that?  Then, you probably also noticed they always accuse others of exactly what they have or are doing.  Russian collusion?  Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat National Committee.  Quid pro quo?  Ukraine, China… Democrats and never Trumpers getting wealthy largely under the table. 

We’ve heard much pontification about why they’re running the made for television impeachment.  One bombshell upon another.  Note to Democrats and media pals.  If everything is a bombshell then nothing’s a bombshell.  Some say their intent is to turn public opinion against the President.  His polling numbers are going up as are his small money donations.  A few dollars here, a few there from hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Americans who are as hated as our President.  Maybe turning the tide is one motive.  The cynic side of my brain questions that.  Some declare he committed impeachable offenses, although they’ve failed to show us one.  I will not digress into the previous scandal free administration during which, with tingles up their legs the media admired his trousers’ crease.

Think back to the Mueller gang.  Each time there was significant positive news event for the Trump administration, they’d leak a bombshell revelation giving the media cover for not reporting the positive stories.  Headline readers and alphabet media followers never hear the good news.  A dishonest media roots for its own demise.  An ideological slant coupled with a lack of knowledge is dangerous.  For them and America.  The type of government they pine and lobby for is the type that will strike freedom of the press and officially make them American Pravda.  Instead of journalists, they’ll be stenographers. Eh, not much of change for them is it?

So, why are the Democrats so hell-bent on pushing impeachment and dragging out televised hearings when the whole thing looks like abject failure?  Their 2020 campaign?  Because they actually believe the Senate will convict?

I am not much of a political prognosticator.  If I was, I would have known Chief Justice Roberts was going to take the activist step of rewriting Obamacare.  But, these days some things a bit more obvious.  It saddens me that more Americans do not seek the truth that fails to make it through the media firewall.

The Democrats are not building an impeachment action against the President.  What?  You might ask.  No, they are setting themselves up as political victims.  And they have the media carrying their water.  That’s what this is about.

Ukraine may be the Democrat Waterloo.  Or at least the dam breaker.  Not only influence peddling by the former Vice President, but Democrat collusion with Ukrainians attempting to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.  Add in China and former Vice President Biden, his son, John Kerry’s Stepson, and the nephew of mobster Whitey Bulger and you have the makings of a perfect storm.  Then consider that Rudy Giuliani, in his day a bulldog of a prosecutor, and his investigators have been on this for quite some time.  The top tier of the Democrat and Republican establishment are concerned, I think.  Giuliani has already declared he as the evidence and his investigation was in cooperation with the State Department.  What happens when he finally drops the hammer?

From there, move on to the DOJ IG investigation that’s reportedly held up by the Durham investigation, Grand Jury proceedings and pending indictments.  Study it (not by watching CNN or MSNBC or the Networks) but by doing your own research.  From the top of the Obama administration right down through the DOJ, FBI, and State Department and probably some top-tier Democrat and Republican politicians are likely headed for the big house.

That’s the purpose of the impeachment sham.  Paint Trump as a corrupt bully.  Then when the indictments flow, run to the media and declare Trump has weaponized the Department of Justice to take out his political opponents.  You know.  What the Democrats and the Washington establishment actually did.

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