Why Are You Voting?

I listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio program when I can. I am sure that is a revelation to you. Recently, I heard a caller talking to Rush about West Virginia’s Governor Joe Manchin.

Since I am a native son and resident of wild and wonderful, the call activated my radar. The caller, who claimed his residence in California, also claimed to be a lifelong Democrat. A West Virginia Democrat, he clarified – emphatically. My Father, rest his soul, was a West Virginia Democrat. Today, he would be considered to the right of the typical Limbaugh Ditto Head. I am a little wary of today’s Democrats when they claim to be of that particular breed. I view them with the same skepticism with which I view San Fran Nan’s puppy dog democrats. The ones who prefer the blue dog label.

Governor Joe proclaimed that he too is a West Virginia Democrat. A different kind of Democrat he told a Fox News host. Which kind, I wondered? Puppy or blue? Unfortunately for Governor Joe, he is the party politician kind that is more like a lap dog. To advance his standing in the national party, he got into a hug fest with the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triad. Unfortunately for Joe, this trio of junk yard hounds is not viewed as warm, fuzzy and huggable little puppies here in the Mountain State.

But back to Rush’s caller. The caller told Rush that Manchin might lose his Senate bid because as Governor he forced West Virginia University to come down from the heights of superiority and engage lowly Marshall University in a football game. Hey, whatever motivates you to vote brother I say. I shan’t bother you with the details of this hill family scrap. If Rush’s caller, self-proclaimed Mountaineer for life fan and avowed West Virginia Democrat is typical of today’s West Virginia Democrat (and West Virginia University ) thinking, I will cheerfully wear Marshall Thundering Herd green to my polling place on Tuesday. And, on November the 3rd I hope to just as cheerfully point a big green digit in the direction of Washington DC and proclaim to that bungling beltway triad, as any good Herd fan would, you have just been Thunderstruck baby!

I know why the California Mountaineer is voting. Why are you voting?

I am tired of seeing Robert C. Byrd’s name on every building, road and bridge in my state. Unlike other wealthy contributors who have buildings and football stadiums named for them, “Big Daddy” (which is how Senator Byrd referred to himself) brought home the pork. He used my money rather than his own to build monuments to himself. I am voting because I am sick and tired of political pork. I have better uses for my money.

Senator Byrd spent more years in the United States Senate than many voting aged Americans have been alive. I am voting because I believe it is time for term limits. Two terms for Senate, 6 terms for the House of Representatives.

I am voting because I do not like communists, Marxists, socialists and probably a few other ists that do not come to mind straight away. It is time to send them packing. Check that, it is way past time.

I am tired of an Attorney General who will not enforce the voting laws to ensure that our men and women serving in the Military have the opportunity to vote. I am also tired of an Attorney General that does not want to turn a New Black Panther’s voter intimidating night stick into a New Black Panther’s suppository.

I am voting because I think that the only Department of Education should be a local one. Because I do not believe that states need a Department of Energy or an Environmental Protection Agency telling them how to manage their resources or environment. I do not want or need government involved in my health care, deciding what I should eat or how I choose to spend my money. I am voting because the progressive income tax is only progressive for about half of us. The other half pays nothing. I am voting because I believe the purpose of our military is to defend our nation, not to be a test tube for liberal social engineering.

I am voting because I want every politician, new and old, to know that I will be back in 2 years and if they cannot find the cure for these ails, I will hire someone who can.

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4 Replies to “Why Are You Voting?”

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  2. Irishhawk77

    I “Amen” every one of your reasons for voting and here in Florida we are going to double dunk that pitiful excuse of a Governor Charlie Crist out of politics forever. We will watch with diligence the newly elected, and evalutate the progress of the new Congress from day one!

  3. KdluWard

    +1!!!!!! I just hope the politicians have figured out that WE THE PEOPLE are their bosses. I know that a lot of them have changed their tunes considerably, but the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see…

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