Wild Weekend

Not mine.  I stopped having those years ago.  No, it’s the President learning how to play the Washington, complicit media, political hack game, and rope a dope.  He’s also proving he is decent body punching brawler.  He not only exposed the danger to freedom presented by powerful and misused intelligence agencies, but more importantly he exposed the willingness of some members of the American political class to use those powerful capabilities against American citizens – and against their own government.  These communists are more than willing to use police state tactics while calling everyone else a Nazi or communist collaborator.  This threatens the freedom of every American even the nitwits cheering on the Soros funded Obama led attempts to subvert the new administration.

Subversive: tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.

What’s happened really does require some thought.  We know that General Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador was monitored, transcribed, and released to the public.  Supposedly the monitoring was of the Russian which is perfectly fine.  But and it is a big but.  As I understand the law, conversations of American citizens in these cases are kept private and releasing the transcript in any manner is a felony.  Then we learn that Attorney General Sessions while performing his duties as a sitting Senator actually met with the Russian ambassador once at a function and once in his office.  In other words what Senators do every day.  We also know that because of his involvement with the Trump campaign, he recused himself from involvement in investigations of the campaign.

The picture then becomes clearer.  Those trying to undermine or subvert the Trump administration put forth the narrative of collusion with the Russians.   The FBI declared there is no evidence of this, yet the media and Obama surrogates continue to push the story.  A false narrative, drawing the conclusion of Trump campaign involvement with the Russians, is locked in.  The media and those wanting to undermine Trump set out to prove their pre-conceived conclusion, but they cannot produce even a scintilla of evidence supporting the claim.  So the political hacks and the media demand an “independent” investigation and a “special prosecutor.”   This is just perfect for them since Sessions is now recused from investigations involving the Trump campaign and the Senate has not confirmed the new Deputy Attorney General leaving an Obama appointee in charge of any such investigation.  In the catbird’s seat they were.

President Trump alleges that the Obama administration wire tapped Trump Tower prior to the election – searching for evidence to show Russian collusion – we know they were monitoring General Flynn.   Let’s add that if they found such evidence, impeachment proceedings would have already started.  Multiple newspaper accounts indicate the surveillance happened.  You just need to think on that for a bit.  A sitting President (and anyone who thinks he would have no knowledge of this is nuttier than squirrel turds) likely through his weaponized justice department requested FISA court orders to monitor communications of a presidential candidate from the opposing party.  In comparison, this makes Watergate look like the boy scouts. It should cause every American to pause.

Now, there is going to be another investigation into the wire tapping allegation.  Attorney General Sessions has not recused himself from any wire tapping investigations.

Obama and Hillary surrogates put forth a false narrative of Russian collusion, but had no evidence to support the allegation.  It appears that on a second attempt, the Obama Administration got a FISA court order to monitor communications of the Trump campaign treasure hunting for evidence to support the false narrative and apparently there is none.  Now a backfire has put the Obama gang and their media lapdogs on the defensive.

Round three should be exiting.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry