You Ain’t My Folks

ThinkerYou left field politicians need to stop calling me the folks. I ain’t your doggoned folks. The next thing you know, you’ll have Government Motors producing Folkswagons. The mind is not quite the steel trap it once was, but I think that happened somewhere else before didn’t it? I could be wrong, but there is a vague memory of it. It will be the automobile that we folks can finally afford. Man, we’ll be living the dream. Then you’ll declare that owning one is a right. An unalienable right granted to us by you in all of your benevolence. It cannot be just any old Folkswagon. It has to be the one produced by party loyal union workers at the Government Motors factory operated by government bureaucrats that know nothing about cars, unless it’s the Goremobile that runs on captured cow flatulence. You will pass a law that requires me to fulfill my right by making me buy one. If I do not exercise my right, you will either fine me for it or make the cost of any another brand so blasted expensive so that I am forced… Well, you know how it all works out. You’ve done this before under the guise of looking out for the folks.

When you pull off your suit coat, take off your tie, roll up sleeves and put that phony possum grin on your weaslely face while looking in no particular direction don’t ask how we folks are doing. You don’t care. We know it. It is insulting when you pretend. Besides, we know that when you say folks you are really thinking gun toting, Bible clinging rednecks. My folks worked hard all of their lives. By their actions they taught me the values of self reliance, hard work and here’s a shocker for you – honesty. You are the antithesis of that. They also taught me to pick phony paid for skunks out of the crowd and to keep one hand on my wallet whenever they start looking out for the folks. My folks are dead and buried side by side. Let them rest. God is looking out for them now so you can take a break.

Do you know what else I don’t need from you? I don’t need any more lectures about moral issues. Nationalizing healthcare is not a moral issue. Like Ol’ Joe said, it may be a big F’ng deal for you, but it’s not a moral issue. Giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is also not a moral issue. Do you really want to talk about moral issues? Talk to me about murdering innocent unborn children. Talk to me about normalizing sexual perversions. I’m sorry that was a little understated. Talk to me about glorifying sexual perversions. Talk to me about undermining the American family, which is the foundation of our society. Talk to me about demanding that we put God into all of the closets you have emptied.

While I am at it, there is one other little thing. You can put lipstick on a communist with big ears, but he’s still a communist. You can give a pot smoking, military hating, draft dodging, Pentagon bombing, Student for a Democrat Society, 1960s dirt bag hippie a haircut, a bath, a law degree, a 3 piece suit and a job in the Whitehouse and he’s still a communist too. And, he ain’t my folks either.

Want to know what my favorite 60’s expression was? I tell you anyway. Communism Sucks! So did Ho Chi Min and Mao and the rest of your folks.

© 2010

5 Replies to “You Ain’t My Folks”

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  2. Old Trooper

    It appears that the battle lines are formed. Traditional American Values, the Constitution and good people that love their God and Country vs the Current regime that covets Power and Elitism from the exercise of Un-Constitutional Authority and ought right Tyranny.

    Their “folks” are those that betray the Public Trust, squander the Treasury and aim to tax the socks off of the Taxpayers to buy power and votes from those that produce nothing of substantial value. The destruction of America appears to be their goal. Allowing Social Security and MEDICARE to become insolvent, creating Domestic Policies that keep the economy on it’s knees in order to fulfill a Campaign promise that the Nation cannot afford or sustain is bitter proof of their economic illiteracy and ignorance.

    Make them pay for this treason in November. Give no Quarter. The survival of the Republic is at stake. Send those traitors in Congress and the Senate home unemployed and shamed by defeat. From the Oath, Protect and Defend the Constitution against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic. That is the task at hand now.

  3. Larry2213

    I am constantly amazed that we are still a free country when the people vote for their “folks” and then can’t quite figure out what happened when they get elected. If things don’t change soon I am afraid we will have to answer for this type of ignorance.

  4. ptco911

    You nailed that one on the head JD. The jig will be up when we are all Kamerads. This must be stopped and quickly as the progressive/communist machine is getting stronger.

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